La Ventana


The town of La Ventana

La Ventana is a quaint, remote little town a half hour from La Paz, away from the tourists, with a feeling of real Mexico. If you want to "get away from it all", this is the place. There aren't many phones in the town, so it's a great way to get away from cell phones and beepers. (But La Paz has all the accommodations of a city, including a cyber-cafe, for those who get "internet-withdrawal syndrome). 

Sheldon Kiteboarding Facility, La Ventana

The Sheldon Kiteboarding facility is located just off the beach, in La Ventana. It is an "upgraded  camping-out" facility. Bring your own sleeping bag, but beds and mattresses are provided, and it has electricity, a community kitchen, and a bathroom complete with a hot water shower. Because of it's proximity to the ocean, the local water is too salty, so bottled drinking water is delivered weekly. 


Meals are on a very casual basis. Local restaurants are relatively cheap, and have great food and cerveza. (A night on the town with drinks could be under $10.00). Often, the group will decide to make dinner at home. Or a refrigerator is available for "doing your own thing".

The Climate

During the winter, the weather is almost perfect. The days are warm (t-shirts and shorts), and the nights are cool (long pants and a jacket). During the windy season, November through March, there will be about 5 days a week of sailable wind. On a typical day, the wind will come up around 11am, and blow until late afternoon. The wind is generally very light during the evening. Being a desert climate, average rainfall is about 4" a year. Lots of cactus, and the sand has a beauty of it's own.

What to Bring

During the winter (December through March), bring shorts for the daytime, but long pants and a jacket for the cool nights. Although many people wear shorties, a full-length wetsuit is nice on the cooler days. Typical sail sizes range from 4.0 - 6.0. Typical kite sizes are 8.0 to 14.0. Water conditions are small to medium chop, with port side jumps, and small to quite large swells. Windsurfing or kiteboarding gear is available for rent at several locations. 


An airline round ticket is about $250.00 from Los Angeles to La Paz. We'll pick you up at the La Paz airport. Passports are recommended, but If you don't have a one, just bring a driver's license, and a certified copy of your birth certificate.



The beach of La Ventana

A lot of personal attention during lessons  

The Yurt....  finished version, winter 2000


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