Bruce SheldonAbout Sheldon Kiteboarding

Sheldon Sails began in 1978, teaching windsurfing. Then Bruce opened his sail loft, for sail design and repair, in 1983. An inventor at heart, Bruce has been involved with numerous innovations in windsurfing. His "inner clew" windsurfing boom design still holds the American speed record for windsurfing!!

Bruce's focus has changed from windsurfing to the fast growing sport of kiteboarding. He has been kiteboarding since 1998, which makes him a veteran in this young sport. With the focus now on kiteboarding, the name has changed from Sheldon Sails to Sheldon Kiteboarding.

Sheldon Kiteboarding is operated out of the shop in Rio Vista, California during the summer, and La Ventana, Mexico in the winter. 

Customer satisfaction and love of the sport is our goal. We feel that the highest compliment a customer can give us is to recommend us to a friend.

Rick McKinney
Sheldon Kiteboarding Team Rider: Rick McKinney

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