RepairExpert kite and sail repair is offered at both the Rio Vista and La Ventana facilities. Bruce has been designing, building, and repairing sailboat and windsurfing sails since 1983, and kite repairs since the sport began.

Repairs are available for:

Kite and sail repairs can be done same-day or overnight when needed

There isn't a kite we can't repair...

broken kite










Mail-in kite repair:

parcelSummer season:  Mail-in kite repair is available at the Rio Vista facility during the summer season (May through October). Simply mail your kite (insured) to:

Sheldon Kiteboarding

154 N. Front Street

Rio Vista, CA 94571


Be sure to include a detailed description of what you want repaired, and a phone number. We will notify you if we find further hidden damage.

Winter Season: During the winter season (November through April), the Rio Vista shop is closed, since we are at the La Ventana, Baja location.


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